Hi, I'm Melanie Uba. I love entertainment, pop culture, and getting to know people preferably around something delicious.

I am currently based in New York City and seeking opportunities in the entertainment, digital media, or startup industries. I have a strong background in entertainment and social media with skills that translate throughout all industries. I've learned that the best way to work with people is to be prompt, thorough, and to always find a way to problem solve. I thrive knowing that my clients are happy from beginning to end.

I've created this website for a few reasons: 1) To see what opportunities lie ahead with the skills that I've learned, 2) to have people get to know a little more about me past what may fit on a resume, and 3) to share my thoughts with anyone willing to read them.

So if you're interested, explore around on this site or on my social media linked below. Leave me a message. I'd love to get to know you as well.